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Men’s College Coaches Association Unveils Players Directory

By IMLCA, 03/11/19, 11:00AM EDT


March 11, 2019
David Jessey
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Men’s College Coaches Association Unveils Players Directory


Charlottesville, VA – The Intercollegiate Men’s Lacrosse Coaches Association(IMCLA) announced the launch of a new service for both college coaches and prospective student-athletes who are interested in playing college lacrosse. The IMLCA Players Directoryis a mobile application and web-based players directory of student-athletes in the 7thto 12thgrades. It was designed by the coaches association to:


  • Provide college coaches with contact information on youth players for recruiting purposes
  • Provide players with a directory of collegiate run events including camps, clinics, and prospect days 
  • Let college coaches know if the player is interested in their school
  • Let college coaches know which events players will be attending


“The IMLCA Players Directory was created to help coaches efficiently do their job. This database was the result of a year of work by the IMLCA Technology Committee to solve a problem coaches face: where to find important baseline information about recruits. College lacrosse staffs are stretched to the limit, and this will allow the assistants who are doing the heavy load of recruiting work to have a single source of information on prospective recruits,”said Dom Starsia – the four-time national championship coach at the University of Virginia, current Chrome Professional Lacrosse League (PLL) Coach, and IMLCA special consultant.


The IMLCA is launching its efforts to sign up players with an e-mail marketing campaign to 100,000 student-athletes in the 7th– 12thgrades. It is available on the APP store. In line with the IMLCA’s goals of growing the game and greater access to all players, the Players Directory offers free access to all prospective student athletes. Additional features are available with a premium membership for those looking to complete a more in-depth profile accessible for all coaches.    


“Every major collegiate sport has a central source of player information for the coaches, the IMLCA Players Directory will become that source for college coaches. As a player coming out of Canada, I would have liked similar access to connect me with coaches at lacrosse playing colleges across the United States.”Jordan Macintosh (Rochester Institute of Technology collegiate player and current player on the Georgia Swarm (NLL), the Chrome (PLL), and Hudl Elite Sales Manager.


Approved by the IMLCA Board of Directors, The Players Directory is one of several initiatives the association is launching to help rebuild and further strengthen the relationships between their college coach members and the student athletes themselves. This innovative platform will yield efficiency within the recruiting process for coaches, while providing a credible resource for prospective student-athletes to share pertinent information with the colleges of their choice. The IMLCA and its members look forward to leading the charge within technology that will be reshaping the current practices within college lacrosse recruitment. 


“The Players Directory purpose is to organize player data in an efficient and accessible manner for coaches across all divisions of the collegiate game. It is a matter of convenience that will make the exchange of important information easier for the coaches and players”, said Bob Russell, IMLCA Board member.  “Currently our college coaches are getting inundated with e-mail and there is no central directory with easy access to player data. The Players Directory will be a central database that will continue to evolve as time goes by and we gain feedback from both the coaches and players who are using the directory. It will be a huge time-saver and will be especially helpful to schools with limited recruiting budgets.


About IMLCA: The IMLCAwas formed in 2004 to serve the intercollegiate men’s lacrosse coaches community. To develop among intercollegiate coaches a deep sense of responsibility in teaching, promotion, and maintaining the growth of lacrosse in accordance with the highest ideals of fair play. To stimulate the development of quality leadership for lacrosse programs by recognizing professional contributions to the sport and keeping members informed of current coaching techniques and trends. To identify and pursue issues relevant to lacrosse coaches and to the sport of lacrosse; and to provide a forum for the discussion of matters of interest to members of the Association. To promote cooperative efforts with other professional organizations interested in the development of lacrosse and athletics in general. For more information on the IMLCA please go to


The IMLCA Players Directory is a partnership between the IMLCA and Mango Concept. For more information please visit IMLCA Players Directory questions please contact General IMLCA questions